For Members

Space Coast Health Care Network: a clinically integrated network for physicians, allowing them rapid access to medical treatment for patients. With the ever-changing healthcare reimbursement system and methods of delivering healthcare, now is the perfect time to join the Space Coast Health Care Network. With a membership, the Space Coast Health Care Network will provide the breadth, scale and integration of providers necessary to significantly enhance the quality of care and reduce the cost of care that payers are seeking to achieve. The Health Care Network has been established to allow the physicians and allied health professionals to work together on clinical initiatives that will lead to demonstrable quality and cost efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. By partnering with the Health Care Network you’ll have the tools necessary to demonstrate to payers the value of your practice. Collaborating with physicians and other providers of care is essential to achieve the clinical quality and efficiency necessary to be successful in the future of healthcare.

Benefits of Joining Space Coast Health Care Network:

MAINTAIN INDEPENDENCE – There is no revamping of your current corporate structure. You maintain complete independence and autonomy while enjoying the benefits of being part of a network.

COLLEAGUE COLLABORATION – Provides you with the opportunity to network with physicians in multiple specialties. Make new relationships and expand upon current ones.

PREPARATION FOR CHANGES/REFORM – With ever changing healthcare, Space Coast Health Care Network can prepare and educate your practice on any and all upcoming changes and initiatives. Together we can position ourselves to be ready for the impending reforms in payment methodology in healthcare.

OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS – Space Coast Health Care Network can provide resources and tools necessary to help your practice grow and enable exceptional care.

CLINICAL EXCELLENCE – We can assist in delivering a model that will provide consistent clinical care in an integrated way.

Services provided by Space Coast Health Care Network:

  • Clinical Integration
  • Physician Alignment
  • Risk Adjustment Score Management
  • Quality Reporting Management
  • Performance Measure Management
  • Disease Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Managed Care Contract Negotiation
  • Credentialing

Contracted health plans

The Space Coast Health Care Network wants to make the lives of physicians and practice administrators as simple as possible. By executing one contract with the Space Coast Health Care Network, each physician gains access to multiple contracted health plans. Currently, the Space Coast Health Care Network is contracted with several Medicare advantage plans along with several Medicaid managed care plans.

The Health Care Network has negotiated fair, balanced, and competitive contracts with various health plans. As a result of executing fair, balanced, and competitive contracts, there is a large volume of referrals going directly into the physicians’ offices. Our local staff works closely with contracted health plans to ensure supportive provider relations as well. In the event there is a patient care issue or a claims payment issue, the Space Coast Health Care Network will act as a liaison for our physicians.

The Space Coast Health Care Network has successfully developed relationships with its current managed care organizations and health plans and looks forward to future endeavors on the horizon with new plans.

Physician responsibilities

Physician agrees to provide covered services to all beneficiaries covered under a payor agreement negotiated by network and shall render such services in accordance with the standards and procedures established and utilized by a physician for physician’s other patients. Physician agrees to provide for the provision of covered services consistent with utilization management and quality improvement criteria of network or any payor.

Physician shall obtain and maintain, and shall cause each of his/her personnel to obtain and maintain in effect, all permits, licenses and governmental or board approvals or notices which may be necessary to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements relating to the furnishing of medical services, including covered services, to the public, and obtaining payment or reimbursement for such medical services including, but not limited to, compliance with such requirements applicable to networks.

Physician shall remain in compliance with the credentialing criteria and any requirements of payor or network applicable to physician’s participation in a payor agreement. In order for the network to accurately present physician’s credentials to payors, all of the representations, warranties, and covenants set forth in physician’s application for admission to network shall be true and correct and binding upon physician.

Physician shall notify network immediately of the initiation of any complaint, proceeding, inquiry, investigation or review with or by any licensing or regulatory authority, peer review organization, health care facility, or any committee, organization or body of any of the foregoing which directly or indirectly evaluates or focuses on the care furnished by physician either in any specific case or generally or any action by any of the foregoing or any other person or entity which could impair the ability of physician to perform the covered services required under a payor agreement or to obtain payment of or reimbursement for such covered services.

Within three days of its occurrence, physician shall notify network and provide network with all information with respect to the commencement of any action, sanction, or restriction concerning physician involving professional licenses, registrations, medical staff membership or clinical privileges at any health care facility, other network participation or physician’s participation in any governmental or nongovernmental reimbursement program, as well as the filing of any professional liability action or the entering of any judgment against physician or any settlements, by physician in connection with such or similar actions.

Physician shall not solicit or persuade any beneficiary to discontinue his or her relationship with a payor or network or discontinue receiving health care services from a payor or network or any way to obtain health care services from another payor or network.

Physician agrees to become a participant in clinical councils established by network for the standardization of regimens for medical care.

Any confidential information disclosed by network to physician shall be held in strictest confidence by physician.


What is Space Coast Health Care Network?

Space Coast Health Care Network (formerly Space Coast IPA) is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) which is an entity organized and directed by physicians for physicians in private/independent practices to negotiate contracts on their behalf with insurance companies.

What does clinical integration mean?
Clinical integration enables patients to receive a variety of health services from the same organization or entity, streamlining administrative processes and increases the potential for the delivery of high-quality cost effective healthcare.

Do I have to give up my Tax ID?
No. You will continue to bill each insurance plan and get paid directly to your personal practice. You maintain your Tax ID number.

Will I still have control of my office?
Yes. You maintain autonomy and control of your daily operations under your own tax ID number.

Does membership require an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?
No. It is not required to join but highly recommended for our clinically integrated model, government incentives and changes in healthcare.

Can I get on insurance plans that I have been unable to enroll on my own?
Yes. With our Clinically Integrated Network, we expect our Healthcare Network will have preferential treatment to enroll physicians with insurance plans.

Can a specialist join? Or is the Health Care Network limited to primary care providers?
Yes. We welcome all specialists interested in joining.

For more information, call 321-802-5406 or email